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on the defense of marriage act, which denies federal benefits to married same-sex couples. nine states and the district of columbia allow same-sex marriage, seven more eave -- civil union laws. >> carolyn will be sitting in court when the supreme court considers prop 8 and the defense of marriage act. her live report begins tuesday here on abc7. >>> san francisco police credit a neighbor's quick thinking in helping to catch a group of suspected vandals in the act. it appears they had just finished the outline of their graffiti when the officers arrived. the man who called police asked us not to give his name. >> they just finished painting it a couple weeks ago, and it's like every other week there's something new up there, and they're constantly having to clean it. >> i think it's important that we're able to catch these offenders and bring them to justice. >> ama: police also told us they discovered 52 cans of spray paint and several markers when officers searched the suspects. suspects include ten adults andup juvenile. some have previous arrests for vandalism. >> survivors or the s
. this month, the defense attorney unsuccessfully tried to have the charge lowered to a misdemeanor. >> striking members of the san francisco symphony tried to hit the right notes with the public today.. >> 40 musicians took part of an informational picket the musicians make $165,000 a year and 10 week paid vacation autos there is a top of a centuries old profession this, is a skill cell veled. i've added up 30,000 hours practicing. i have bursitis. >> this for a symphony with the second highest endowment in the nation. >> you soon could be allowed to drive faster as part of the switch to all electronic toll collections. they say there is an increase decision on the bridge. qeem you updated. >> a bill shaking up the cosmetics industry is out. a legislation called safe cosmetics act. of 2012 that would give the fda authority to ensure all personal care products are free of harmful ingredients. >> wall mat stores will be soon offering a smarter way to shop. the company is expanding a program called scan and go as seen in this video. it lets customers scan things. shoppers see a runnin
for us to have a chance at happiness. >> the court takes up defense of marriage act. 1996 law denying benefits to sex couples. >> when bell lel kt federal government deny benefits that would be available to heterosexual couples? >> a majority of couples believe same-sex couples should allowed to wed but 31 states restrict or ban same-sex marriage. outside of the court, activists on both sides are already camped out. >> i thop a traditional sexuality of man, woman in marriage. >> prop 8 passed it was hurtful to me and a lot of other californians. >> court could decide whether the constitution grants gays and lesbians rights to marry or the issue should be left up to the state. both cases will be decided in june. >> marriage equality advocates are planning on hr making their voices heard. they will be gathering soon at 7:00 the group will march to city hall. now, abc 7 news will be in washington, d.c. covering it for us. she'll be sitting in the court as the supreme court considers proposition 8. the live reports begin tomorrow here on abc 7. >> some bad news two people died when a truc
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3